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Our Chicago Executive Compensation Lawyers can provide you with a comprehensive suite of employee benefit services

These services include the design, implementation, administration, and termination of employee benefit and executive compensation plans.

The employee benefits plans we create and maintain are designed to attract superior talent, save fees and taxes, reduce health care costs, create employee loyalty, and provide benefits to owner-employees, including:

  • Qualified employee retirement plans, such as pension, profit-sharing, 401(k), 457, and 403(b) plans, SEPs, and SIMPLE plans
  • Healthcare plans, such as fully insured and self-insured plans, reimbursement plans, and flexible spending and health savings accounts
  • Fringe benefit plans, such as severance, dependent care assistance, tuition reimbursement, qualified transportation fringe benefits, and cafeteria plans
  • Welfare plans providing health care, disability, and accident benefits, including many
  • Severance pay plans
  • Executive compensation benefit plans, such as nonqualified deferred compensation, excess benefit, top hat, golden handcuffs, golden parachutes, stock options, phantom stock, and stock appreciation rights

The benefit plans we create for our clients are compliant from the outset. But when a new client brings us a plan that has fallen out of compliance, we take action to correct the operational defects to avoid negative consequences and preserve the benefits of the plan.

We advise, counsel, and inform plan sponsors and participants on the legal aspects of plan administration, the interpretation of plan terms, duties of plan fiduciaries, claims for benefits, discrimination testing, qualified domestic relations orders (“QDROs”), partial terminations, and reporting and disclosure rules.

Our Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Professionals

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