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Medical professionals have an important job to do. Patients place their health and lives in the hands of these individuals every day and physicians, physical therapists, and pharmacists must focus on that, and not the legal matters they may face. Unfortunately, there are many legal issues that healthcare professionals face every day and when they do not comply with the law, it can have some of the most severe consequences for their career. It is for this reason that these individuals must speak to a health care lawyer who can help them remain within the law, and assist with any legal matter they face.

Legal Services for Healthcare Professionals 

A few of the legal services a healthcare attorney can assist with include:

  • Practice formation, including mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions
  • Syndication agreements
  • Recruiting and hiring practice guidance
  • Guidance with controlled substances
  • Fee-splitting and scope of practice
  • Corporate practice of medicine counseling

Any time physicians and other healthcare professionals face these legal issues, they must speak with a healthcare lawyer who can help navigate them.

Compliance With Federal Laws

There are two main federal laws that involve healthcare professionals — the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute. The Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits offering incentives for referrals or other inducements of business and even has criminal penalties for those who are found in violation of this law.

Stark Law is similar to the Anti-Kickback Statute. It prohibits conflicts of interest that invest cash remuneration and services healthcare professionals render. The difference between the two laws is that the Stark Law surrounds referrals from other physicians, while the Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits referrals from anyone. Another difference is that while Stark Law does not have associated criminal penalties, healthcare workers may face high civil fines and may be excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs.

Medical Board Defense

Sometimes, physicians face actions that will impose sanctions such as a license suspension or probation, or even entire revocation of their medical license. This is extremely stressful, as physicians have worked their entire lives to build successful careers, and one small mistake or misunderstanding can undo all of that hard work. A health care lawyer can represent physicians when they must appear before the medical board and give them the best chance of success with their case. A health care lawyer will also help with litigation, administrative hearings, and National Practitioner Data Bank matters.

Our Illinois Health Care Lawyers Can Help With Your Case

There are many legal issues healthcare providers face, and our Chicago health care lawyers at Harrison & Held, LLP, can help. We can assist with any administrative legal issue you have, create a solid defense to present to the medical board, and help ensure you are always in compliance with federal and state law. When you need legal help, call us or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys so we can get started on your case.

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