• At Harrison & Held, we bring the same unique advantage to domestic relations practice that we do to our entire practice: providing exceptional service without excess overhead costs.  We represent our clients zealously while at the same time remaining fee sensitive.  Our divorce attorneys combine skills that cut across legal, financial, and tax disciplines to provide our clients a unique advantage over other attorneys who might only have divorce experience.

    Our attorneys have substantial experience enabling them to recognize when it is appropriate to litigate aggressively, and when it is time to negotiate effectively in order to settle fairly.  We seek to resolve domestic relations disputes as amicably as possible, keeping the family fabric and the family’s wealth as intact as possible while, at the same time, preserving our clients’ interests.  Our attorneys can see through the haze of seemingly complex disputes and distill them down into basic problems which are more easily solved.

    Along with the myriad of other high level services offered at H&H, our family law team adroitly handles divorce, custody, and orders of protection, as well as child support and abuse or neglect proceedings.

    We use a team approach, assigning tasks to the most cost effective professional capable of performing it, giving us and our clients the flexibility needed to sustain protracted legal battles; and to resist threats of the same.

    Many attorney fear domestic relations- we embrace it and thoroughly enjoy the practice of helping families emerge through trying times. Our attorneys have had personal and professional experience in family law issues, so we can empathize with clients and serve them with the sensitivity necessary to guide them through this poignant and difficult area of law. 

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